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No of Views : 737 Duration : 20 mins
1. Administration perspective
2. Modeler perspective
3. Developer perspective


No of Views : 1165 Duration : 59 mins
4. BW Tools
5. Navigator View
6. Quick launch screen


No of Views : 686 Duration : 46 mins
1. IMCE and Surroundings
2. Row Store
3. Column Store


No of Views : 721 Duration : 61 mins
Persistent Layer
Backup & Recovery


No of Views : 500 Duration : 21 mins
i) Introduction
ii) Datastore creation
iii) Different Objects Types
iv) Building Jobs in Data Services


No of Views : 499 Duration : 52 mins
Writing DDL statements
Writing DML statements


No of Views : 571 Duration : 56 mins
SQL Functions


No of Views : 440 Duration : 49 mins
Configuring Oracle/SQL as SDA Source
Create Connection and virtual tables in HANA


No of Views : 488 Duration : 46 mins
Introduction to User Management
Creation of Roles
Creation of Users
Assigning Roles to Users


No of Views : 460 Duration : 52 mins
 i.Use of SAP HANA Studio
 ii.Different Modeling objects


No of Views : 590 Duration : 56 mins
iii. Attribute Views
iv.Calculated Columns in Attribute View


No of Views : 617 Duration : 44 mins
Introduction to Reporting options on HANA
Introduction to BOBI 4.0


No of Views : 374 Duration : 23 mins
Installation of PAL Library
Executing PAL algorithms in HANA


No of Views : 336 Duration : 42 mins
  • Support for SQL based Analytic Privileges (SPS10)
  • Rank Node supporting output rank column (SPS10)
  • Multiple default values for IPs, VARs (SPS10)
No of Views : 248 Duration : 43 mins
SAP HANA Studio Development Perspective
Core Data Services - CDS
Support for CDS Entities as Data Source (SPS10)
SQL-based Analytic Privileges with CDS (SPS11)
No of Views : 235 Duration : 46 mins
Hierarchy Enhancements (SPS10)
Time dependent hierarchies (SPS10)
Hierarchy SQL Integration – Aggregation (SPS10)
Hierarchy SQL Integration – Filtering (SPS10)
Hierarchy SQL Integration – Additional Attributes (SPS10)
No of Views : 196 Duration : 68 mins
Hierarchy Variables (SPS10)
Hierarchy support with Analytic Privileges (SPS11)
Cycle handling in user-defined hierarchies (SPS11)
Unassigned / null member handling support (SPS12)
Composite keys for Parent-Child hierarchies (SPS12)
No of Views : 180 Duration : 85 mins
Migrating an Object Type to a Different Object Type (SPS11)
Converting Attribute / Analytic Views to Calculation Views (SPS11)
Considerations for converting Attribute- and Analytic Views (SPS11)
Simulate a Migration Activity (SPS11)
Activate Migrated Objects (SPS11)
Migration Log (SPS11)
Undo Migration Changes (SPS11)
No of Views : 212 Duration : 67 mins
Convert Script-based Calculation Views to Graphical Calculation Views (SPS11)
Convert Classical XML-based Analytic Privileges to SQL-based Analytic Privileges (SPS11)
Consideration for migrating Analytic Privileges (SPS11)
General migration procedure recommendations (SPS11)
Enhancement in migrating an Object Type to a Different Object Type (SPS12)
No of Views : 195 Duration : 67 mins
Support of Decision Table design time references in Calculation View (SPS10)
Migration of Decision Table (SPS12)
Support of SQL views as datasource (SPS10)
Support for Expression language selection for Calculation Views (SPS10)
No of Views : 193 Duration : 61 mins
Derived from SCALAR Function based on string-type output value (SPS10)
Support of Derived Input Parameter Enhancements (SPS10)
Label descriptions in Value Help Dialogs (SPS10)
Calculation View Editor Enhancements – Copy / paste of parts of a model scenario (SPS10)
Calculation View Editor Enhancements – Generate Select SQL (SPS10)
Calculation Views Enhancements –Re-use of partial scenarios (SPS10)
No of Views : 195 Duration : 70 mins
Enhanced support for Right Outer-/Full Outer-Joins (SPS11)
Temporal Join enhancement in Calculation View (SPS12)
No of Views : 184 Duration : 52 mins
Implicit Union-node pruning enhancement using union pruning metadata tables (SPS11)
Support for AVG / DEV / VAR as aggregation functions (SPS11)
SQL Expressions for filters, restricted measures and default values for Variables (SPS11)
Attribute value internal-/external conversion metadata support (SPS11)
No of Views : 187 Duration : 49 mins
Attribute value internal-/external conversion metadata support (SPS11)
Enhancing Query Result Cache Controls (SPS11)
Currency conversion on inner aggregation nodes (SPS12)
Calculation Views Enhancements - Aggregation node measure conversion support (SPS12)
Calculation Views Enhancements –Semantic Node (SPS12)
Spatial Expression Support (SPS12)
No of Views : 223 Duration : 50 mins