Business Warehouse (BW) including BW on HANA

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41 hrs | 54 Videos

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Video based SAP Business Warehourse/Business Intelligence Training with Tech Video is a self paced course. This will prove invaluable in raising your understanding of SAP BW and getting you up to speed fast. Special emphasis is placed to make sure that after completing this course, you would be able to work in SAP BW moduleindependently.

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5 Free Demo videos available. Complete course duration is 41 hrs with 54 videos.

Learn SAP Business Warehouse from one of the best trainer in the industry. 

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Nirav P

I am an SAP consultant for almost 5 years and used SAP BO and other reporting tools. The training for SAP BW is without a doubt outstanding. Well, only thing I would like to let you know is if you are a slow learner this is the perfect training material for you. If you are a fast mover like me, only advise is to have some patience as the lecture is little slow but it has covered almost all the prospective of SAP BW. All in all its definitely worth the money spend. If you really wants to learn SAP BW, only advise is don't waste your time in looking around free stuff, spend money on this course right away and it will reward you.

St Louis, Wells Fargo
Vikram C

I am a SAP Consultant in SD CRM and was wanting to learn SAP BI /BW and CRM Technical as it is used frequently by me but was unable to find time or the right person for it. Course offered by Tekvdo was a good decision that I made. The content is very well structured and explained. It gives a deep insight into the material and also confirms the in depth knowledge and experience of the trainer on the subject. After having learned BI/BW I decided to learn BO as well.

New Delhi, India

The BI/BW course is well structured and clearly delivered. The instructor is clearly a master of his subject and is more that able to transfer his knowledge in a clear and informative manner. If you choose to take this course, then I would suggest using the material provided by this company. I certainly have no regrets. Caution.. be prepared to be absorbed by a great professional at work. He covered all areas and left me feeling ready to take his instructions directly into a project environment. Kind regards.

London, UK