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37 Hours | 46 Videos

Course Description

Video based SAP CRM Technical Online Training with Tech Video is a self paced course. This will prove invaluable in raising your understanding of CRM Technical and getting you up to speed fast. Special emphasis is placed to make sure that after completing this course, you would be able to work in CRM module independently.

The audience of this course would be ABAP Developers and SAP CRM Consultants. In SAP CRM technical online training, you will learn technical aspects of CRM module which includes; Introduction to CRM, Structure of Web Client UI, Role Concept, Enhancing & Customizing the naviagation bar. You will also also how to custom/enhance the work area, Web Client UI Framework, Componentization of CRM 7.0 and it's architecture, Enhancing existing UI Components. We will also cover BOL and GenIL progamming. At the end, we will provide you the "Tips & Tricks" of CRM Technical and give you practical examples. You will also learn basics Master Data in CRM, basics of middleware and Overview of Interactive Reporting. Detailed Course Contents are also available on above link.

At the end of SAP CRM Training, you can also test your SAP CRM skills by getting a high quality quiz from Quiz Section.

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4 Free Demo videos available. Complete course duration is 37 Hours with 46 videos.

Lean CRM Technical including BOL, GenIL, Componentization, Web UI, Enhancement and Basics of ABAP

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Sujatha N

Hi, The course on CRM is excellent!!!! Would love to have a similar course on Hana. Thanks Sujatha

California, USA
Sal K

The video based CRM Technical course is impressive. It covers almost everything required for CRM Technical Consultant. The trainer expalins the things slowly/nicely so that its easy to understand. The quiz module is great to test CRM Technical skills. It could help in interview and certifciation exams.

California, USA
Rajeev N

Till now, the course contents and the trainer's skill in teaching is excellent. His communication is also excellent.

Kentucky, USA
Sunil G

Hi,Video sessions are very informative. It is a good starting point for the people who are ready to put efforts but need a good start with CRM Technical. Trainer spends more time on the SAP system than on the slide which makes the learning person understand it better and gain confidence. Great value for money.

Indianapolis, USA

Just finished the course. It is well structured and the trainer is very good. Explains the concepts well and also shows how it works in the background. I would recommend it for any ABAPer who wants to start in CRM.

Hyderabad, India

Till now, The trainer's skill in teaching is very good

London, United Kingdom
Krishna A

The video quality is great. The trainer has good communication skills which makes it easy for the viewer to understand. Well this is the end of depending on training from institutes.. you can do the course at your own pace.. and don't need to hesitate asking them to repeat.. just replay the video.Overall I am impressed with the video quality and course content. I would recommend it to everyone.

New Jersey, USA

I have completed around 30% of the course and it's excellent so far. Customer service is excellent as well. (I need some help with my account settings and I was helped promptly)

New York, USA
Sandeep S

Hi,I really liked the video based CRM Technical Training Course. Trainers communication was very good and clear enough to understand for the beginners in CRM. Course contents are upto date and covering almost everything in CRM Technical. Very well structured and informative. Also the customer service is very good.I would like to go another courses in future for sure.ThanksSandeep

London, United Kingdom

I liked the CRM Technical Training Course. Very well structured and informative. Would love to have a similar course on SAP SD.

Berlin, Germany