Floor Plan Manager

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10 hrs | 13 Videos

Course Description

Video based SAP Floor Plan Manager (SAP FPM) online training with Tech Video is a self paced course.

This training session is for those who have Web Dynpro ABAP background and want to learn SAP FPM.
The contents covered in this course would be
1) Introduction to Floor Plan Manager
2) Create a simple SAP FPM application
3) Configuration Editor
4) Dynamic Adjustments
5) Shared Data Component
6) Graphical User Interface Building Blocks
7) Navigation in SAP FPM applications


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1 Free Demo videos available. Complete course duration is 10 hrs with 13 videos.

Learn FPM skill in 10 days with this video based course. The Floorplan Manager provides a highly-

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Sunil G

Very Impressive and Informative Classes on FPM. Trainer explained the FPM concepts in a nice way by showing real time applications. Having this concepts are added advantage for WDA developers. Completely recommendable for the ABAP and WDA developers.

Indianapolis, USA
Mohammad R

This training course was very beneficial right in time as my project needed FPM skills. Trainer was very confident in this area, with very good experience. He covered this entire course as planned with real time scenarios.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia